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  • Who’s to Blame When the Shooter Is One of Our Own?

    The latest synagogue attack has shaken fellow Orthodox Presbyterians—but it implicates all of us living in a fallen world and divisive culture. Last weekend’s news of another synagogue attack was […]

  • How Persecution Purifies The Church And Spreads The Gospel

    How does persecution help the church and spread the gospel? Sifting the Church Persecution separates the wheat from the chaff. When both sprout, they look very much alike, but when […]

  • Terrorists in Burkina Faso Execute Six at Pentecostal Church

    Assemblies of God pastor preferred to “die for his faith rather than leave the village” he served for decades. Christians in Burkina Faso are mourning a deadly attack on a […]

  • Video: Telling the Palm Sunday Story in Rocks

    Enter the Zonderkidz and Bible Gateway Easter Sweepstakes (ending April 12, 8 am EDT) Watch this endearing stop-action video of “rocks crying out” presenting the life-changing story of Jesus riding […]

  • Worship God at All Times. If Necessary, Use Music.

    It turns out the Bible’s idea of worship is mostly about posture, not music or praise. To be human is to worship. That much is clear in the Scriptures (Ps. […]

  • How The Local Church Is Changing The World

    The local church is changing the world more than you can imagine, and doing it one community at a time. Church and Community Not all communities who live in poverty […]

  • God’s Creation Is Marvelous!

    Stop and ponder the wonder of creation that surrounds you today. Read the Genesis creation account and remember that stewardship of God’s creation is an important part of our lives […]

  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bible Reading

    The Word of God is so deep, but we can get more out of God’s Word with a little help. Here are a few ideas. Meditating on the Word One […]

  • Allegiance to Scripture, Respect for Culture

    Ajith Fernando lays out the essentials of cross-cultural discipleship. The challenge of cross-cultural discipleship belongs not only to missionaries but to all who call themselves Christians. Between globalization, immigration, refugee […]

  • Learn More About Passover and Why It’s Celebrated

    Both Easter and Passover are celebrations of resounding hope. This year, Passover begins on the 19th of April and ends the 27th, and—though it may not be a holiday you’re […]