Thru the Bible Commentary Series Available on Bible Gateway Plus

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Dr. J. Vernon McGee

The beloved and down-to-earth Bible commentary of Dr. J. Vernon McGee is now available to you when you become a member of Bible Gateway Plus!

Dr. McGee’s Thru the Bible exposition of every chapter of every book of the Bible still delights and enthralls listeners on more than 800 radio stations worldwide with his simple, straightforward language, folksy manner, distinctive accent, and clear understanding of Scripture.

Now Dr. McGee’s personable, yet scholarly, biblical analysis in his bestselling 60-volume Thru the Bible commentary set is one of the more than 50 Bible study resources immediately available to you 24/7 when you become a member of Bible Gateway Plus.
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As you read from Genesis to Revelation with your Bible Gateway Plus membership, you’ll enjoy the down-home explanations, key insights, and unpretentious style of Dr. McGee. His well-loved and enduring commentary will make you feel like your pastor is sitting with you as you study the Bible!

For example, here’s Dr. McGee’s observation on Genesis 25:22:

“The struggle of Esau and Jacob, which began before their birth, represents the struggle which still goes on in the world today. There is a struggle between light and darkness, between good and evil, between the Spirit and the flesh. Every child of God knows something of this struggle which Paul sets before us in the seventh chapter of Romans.”

And here’s Dr. McGee’s reflection on Genesis 25:27:

“Now we will look at Esau and Jacob as they grow up in this home. Here they are, twins, but no two boys were ever more different than these two. They not only struggled in the womb, but they are against each other from here on out. They have absolutely different viewpoints, different philosophies of life. Their thinking is different, and their attitudes are different. At the beginning, I must confess Esau is more attractive than Jacob. But we learn that one can’t always judge by the outward sign. We must judge by what takes place on the inside. We learn that in this particular case.”

Bible Gateway Plus is easy and fun to use, and it will change the way you read and study Scripture for the better! Try it for 30 days risk-free.

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